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Using Adobe’s Real-Time CDP Beyond the Common Use Cases

In this webinar, experts from Softcrylic, a Hexaware company, concentrate on leveraging Adobe’s Real-Time CDP—beyond the known activation use cases. There is always a story told about how the CDP allows you to bring audiences together, do segmentation, find the single view of customer, etc., and act on the information in each of your channels. But there are some other, less sexy but still critical areas where the CDP is solving problems. Explore its high-level use cases in the video. 

Highlights from this Webinar: 

  • The Common Use Cases of Adobe Real-Time CDP  
  • Unusual Use-Case: RTCDP to Braze Integration – Large Audience Troubleshooting (Activation Use Case)  
  • Success Story: Attributing offline sales to online behavior  
  • Use Case: Anonymous Real-Time CDP Segmentation for Google Ads  
  • Utilizing Data Distiller for Complex B2B2C Implementation  
  • Real-Time CDP Powered Kiosk Personalization 

If you’re short on time, you can check out the re-cap here on the Softcrylic website. Or, watch the full video below.