Trust Disrupted: The Tax, Audit & Accounting industry in the era of Emerging Technologies


Arun “Rak” Ramchandran
Executive Vice President and Global Head, Hi-Tech & Professional Services

Swapnil Sule
Assistant Vice President and Practice Lead, Hi-Tech & Professional Services

The Trust-based Professional Services industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation due to changes in client expectations, shifting economics and the disruption caused by emerging technologies. One part of the Professional Services market focused on the Tax, Audit and Accounting segment, has been hitherto most insulated, and dominated by the Big Four firms. That is changing and changing fast. Technology is altering the core concept of Trust, which is an inherent value proposition of these firms.

View this on-demand webinar to learn about the:

  • Interdependencies and changing dynamics within the triad of Trust, Technology and Professional Services
  • Concept of Trust Cycle in the Tax, Audit and Accounting industry
  • Role of Emerging Technologies in disrupting the Trust Cycle