Find out how professional services can achieve sales velocity, through an integrated commercial model


  • Reem Zahran – Chief Information Officer, Vistra
  • Kevin Whitley – Sr. Director, Revenue Cloud, Salesforce
  • Rupesh Mithani – Sr. Vice President and Global Head, CRM & Digital Workplace, Hexaware

For professional services organizations, upgrading the existing CRM infrastructure can undoubtedly enhance overall business productivity. This is what Vistra (a leading global financial services firm) witnessed. Vistra wanted to leverage their technology and services platform using a unified solution for improved commercial processes, more effective data-sharing and increased cross-selling opportunities. Adequate compliance measures, ease of data accessibility and security were also some of the concerns that needed to be addressed during the digital transformation process.

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how Vistra partnered with Hexaware and Salesforce to:

  • Improve sales effectiveness
  • Enable guided selling (thereby shortening the sales cycle)
  • Create a unified system with a single source of truth (incl. dashboards)
  • Reduce quote generation effort by 50%
  • Increase cross-sell index by 14%