Evolving Role of Cognitive Contact Centers in Virtual Clinical Trials

With majority of the clinical trials moving to a virtual model of operation, a Cognitive Contact Center is critical to manage this shift for patients and sponsors. Such a modernized contact center requires to have superior capabilities to deliver in a remote and risk-free setting. This webinar aims at sharing knowledge on the observed industry challenges in quickly setting-up and scaling contact centers while accelerating the move to virtual trials and managing expectations with your sponsors.

Watch the webinar for insights on:

  • Best practices & strategies for scaling up Contact Center Management
  • How to plan for global operations supporting multi-locations and maximum languages in a dynamic environment
  • Leveraging the cognitive experiences in enhancing the customer experience and reducing the agent caseload
  • How to use Voice of the Customer (VoC) and omni-channels in key decisions?
  • How to find the balance between customer experience and operational costs?
  • How to approach automation in Contact Center Management?