De-risk digital transformation using new model based test automation approach

Most insurers today are embarking on a digital transformation journey, to deliver a consistent and personalized service experience to their customers and partners. Increasingly, P&C Insurers are opting for commercial-of-the-self (COTS) platforms like Guidewire InsuranceSuite as their partner for digital transformation. Such implementations will need application knowledge, digital awareness and automation focus. With devops, continuous testing and agile being the new best practices in the industry, conventional testing methodology and processes are not fully relevant for current implementations. It is also important to consider the deployment and implementation approach. For example, Insurers may go for big bang approach, modular approach, LOB based approach or state-wise rollout approach, etc.

During this webinar recording with a P&C Insurance Industry expert and an SME in package testing, we will discuss some of the challenges Insurers face during or after the digital transformation, example:

  • Frequent changes in user requirements
  • Environment issues – Delay in execution of tests due to absence of code development and non-availability of surrounding systems
  • Most insurers want to use test automation during their digital transformation journey but only 10% of them have truly been successful in building a robust automation solution over time. Why are they not able to fully leverage automation? Is this primarily because of frequent upgrades and patches?

In the end you will see a demo of an “Integrated Design to Execution” platform which may address most of the problems going forward. This tool is being used by a few Global P&C Insurance companies for their Guidewire InsuranceSuite implementations.