An Insurer’s Guide to Balancing Human and Digital Operational Transformation


Satish Saini, Head – Insurance Practice, Hexaware BPS
Martin Malengier, Project Lead – CoExcellence Robotic Process Automation, Belfius Insurance

Due to a disruption heavy insurance landscape, all organizations today are looking to invest in digital operations and complete their metamorphosis to a digital first environment. Hexaware in conjunction with Belfius Insurance aims to help insurers in driving this digital transformation and become future ready insurers.

Watch our webinar to get more insights into the below areas:

  • Transforming the Business Processes across areas like Claims and Policy Administration
  • How to mesh Business Processes and domain expertise with technologies like robotic process automation, Machine Learning and best in class process excellence
  • A useful guide in identifying use cases and benchmarking the value of digital transformation that your enterprise has uncovered
  • Insights on the Digital Transformation journey of Belfius, a leading European Insurance Provider

The transformation train is almost pulling out of Insurance Central. Watch our webinar to know how Insurers are adopting digital trends and technologies through targeted interventions and enterprise wide operational transformation agendas.