Switch to ValTax for Automated Tax Form Validation Switch to ValTax for Automated Tax Form Validation

Switch to ValTax for Automated Tax Form Validation


Compliance management is of the utmost importance for any Tax and Audit firm. The nature and volume of various tax processes make them tedious and time-consuming. Tax validation is one such crucial process. Moreover, a manual approach to this process leads to errors, reworks, and higher compliance risks.

An automated approach can eliminate these existing tax form validation challenges.

Hexaware brings to you ValTax, an intelligent automated data validation tool that auto-validates data fields based on predefined clauses and rules with real-time feedback. It leverages rule-based validations that reduces human errors and delays.

Hexaware’s ValTax is a compliance automation platform that minimizes manual intervention. It empowers tax practitioners and professionals to provide uninterrupted automated tax services by taking care of compliance forms and other tax documents with data verification as well as validations. As the redundant tasks are taken care of, your team is more equipped in terms of efforts and time to manage other/pending client requests. This also empowers the professionals to work on engagements that are more strategic and less transactional as well as monotonous in nature.

Benefits of ValTax:

  • Reduction in Cost
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Increased Transparency

John is a Tax Solutions Head and works for a reputed Tax Management Firm. He, with his team, invests an average of 520 hours per customer in filling compliance forms, which takes a huge toll on his work and overall performance. Hexaware’s ValTax solution addresses John’s business problems and needs. Let’s see how it helps John to enhance his overall efficiency and reduce errors.

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