Secure Self Service 24×7 Secure Self Service 24×7

Secure Self Service 24×7


The real value of an application comes from its ability to interact with others. People want their customer experience to be fast and efficient. No one has time to stand in a long line. It is no surprise that the growing trend for APIs is going in the direction of self-service. Self-service APIs have the ability to make consumer on-boarding easy. Internal and external developers will understand how the API works, be able to register themselves, get security credentials, register the app and start using the API.

At Hexaware, our approach to self-service APIs is as follows:

  • Expose high-level APIs as automated self-service API on top of the business process layer
  • An additional layer of security so that the power of user behaviour anomaly detection, escalations in the business process workflows and conversational interfaces is not abused or mistakenly misused
  • An option to trigger suitable mechanisms whenever atypical interactions are seen

Read our blog Why What How to Automate to know how our automation solutions can help at every stage of your business.

Watch this video to learn more about how we leverage self-service APIs for customer benefit.

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Every outcome starts with a conversation