Seamless Escalation Seamless Escalation

Seamless Escalation


We are ever ready to interrupt the virtual assistants and take over the conversation at explicit customer behest or preference. More intuitively, this step can be taken by looking for a lack of progress in the interactions and do the escalations automatically. We can also study the language of the chat or the tone of the voice and use those signals as well for seamless and non-context-losing escalations.

We set the right expectations by giving the customer:

  • The explicit declaration that they are talking to a BOT upfront
  • The option of trying to reach a human agent immediately
  • The magic word to switch to a human agent at any time

Our BOTs optimize time for human agents by performing most of the initial data collection dialogs in case of complex queries or by solving the need altogether in case of simple queries. At the time of escalation, we transfer the context to the human agent (the entire transcript / verbatim / synopsis created through NLP). With this, we ensure that the human agent can pick up where the BOT left off, without any frustration to the customer for having to repeat the same information.

Read our blog Why What How to Automate to know how our automation solutions can help at every stage of your business. 

Watch this video to learn more about how we manage escalations for ensuring customer delight.

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Every outcome starts with a conversation