Multi Omnichannel Multi Omnichannel

Multi Omnichannel


We interact with the customer in the channel of his or her choice – whether it be web, mobile, enterprise chat, social chat, web chat or near / far voice channels.

It is truly a customer-centric approach as we remember:

  • The preferences of the customer
  • The last interaction no matter what channel was used for the interaction
  • Latest details of the customer through the CRM system
  • Interests of the customer through social media analysis to predict the possible intent. With this, we provide the required status, answer or recommendation that can be highly personalized for that customer

We are 24×7 available – on business hours, non-business hours, weekdays, weekends as well as holidays. 

Read the blog Why What How to Automate to know how our automation solutions can help at every stage of your business.

Watch this video to learn more about our multi / omnichannel approach for transforming your customer experience.

Every outcome starts with a conversation

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Every outcome starts with a conversation