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Conversational Interfaces


At Hexaware, we have come far in the way we interact with computer systems – from the days of the punch card, character-based terminals, thick client applications, web applications to mobile applications. We have taken the interface closer and closer to the customer. The next natural evolution in this progression is to communicate with the customer in the natural syntax of the customer rather than them having to learn the interaction syntax of the company’s applications.

The elements of a conversational interface are:

  • A natural language interface, either spoken or written
  • A conversational interaction which progressively identifies the need of the customer and takes the customer through a dialog which addresses the need

A natural language interface is flexible in ways a web or mobile application can’t be. It can not only match the language preference of the customer but also match the dialect and accent – to make the customer feel more comfortable.

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Watch this video to know more about how Hexaware enables Conversational Interfaces for enhanced customer experience.

Every outcome starts with a conversation

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Every outcome starts with a conversation