Customer Experience is Crucial to Contact Center Transformation

Our approach begins with the premise that customer experience is imperative for contact center transformation. Industry-leading studies and reports have confirmed that great customer experience is not only crucial to brand differentiation but also helps to deliver direct financial benefits to enterprises.

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Contact centers have a crucial role to play in improving customer experience. However, several factors contribute to poor and fragmented experiences. It is surprising but true that even after being present for nearly three decades, the industry’s key concerns and priorities have remained largely unchanged.

  • How to improve customer experience through better customer service?
  • How to enhance agent experience and reduce attrition?
  • How to improve CSAT and agent performance?
  • How to optimize costs and maximize ROI?

Hexaware Contact Center Transformation

Hexaware’s Contact Center Transformation (CCT) solutions leverage disruptive technologies to transform customer experience while achieving radical performance breakthroughs and efficiencies.  With AI, NLP, programmable omnichannel communication, advanced analytics, and smart digital devices, we will help you achieve measurable savings, increase your CSAT/NPS scores, and improve agent productivity and experience.

Focus areas for contact center transformation

Focus Areas for Contact Center Transformation

Hexaware’s contact center transformation can be leveraged through a 360-degree offering.

Our Offerings

  • Strategic Consulting for Experience Transformation

    Experience Design

    Identifying and addressing the factors impacting customer experience

    Through a deep discovery and analysis of your current setup, customer journeys, product, and service offerings, we will identify the roadblocks as well as opportunities for cost efficiencies and customer experience.  Leveraging our proprietary accelerators, along with our extensive industry experience both on the operations, as well as the technology side, our team of experts & automation consultants will craft a contact center strategy designed to deliver business value.



    • Assessment & roadmap
    • User journey mapping
    • Cognitive walkthrough
    • Insights & recommendations
    • Experience-led automation design
    • Process re-engineering & approach for continuous improvement
    • Rapid prototyping
    • Technology selection and design
    • Incorporation of best practices

    Experience focused vision

    Future-proof design

    Fail early, and learn fast approach



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  • AI-powered Conversational Experiences and Modern Contact Center  as a Service

    Engineering Transformation

    Transform your contact center into an experience center leveraging AI & cloud

    On-premises contact centers with legacy systems can become an obstacle to customer experience. We will harness the power of AI & cloud to modernize your contact center with contemporary technologies and solutions. This will enable a scalable & rapid deployment at reduced costs and seamless transformation.



    • Cloud enablement of the contact center
    • Contact center end-to-end management
    • Contact center modernization
      • Chatbots/voice bots
      • Omnichannel CX
      • Real-time interaction analytics
      • Insights-driven QC
      • Real-time compliance assurance
      • Agent assistance
      • PI data redact

    Scale your customer service with the help of your flexible contact center

    Deploy contemporary technologies for enhanced customer experience across channels

    Enhance your contact center metrics & standards

    Optimize your costs through improved agent performance, introducing digital assistants, targeted & insights-driven QC, and compliance

    Unlock new revenue streams for your business

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  • Evolve the Agile way

    Continuous Experience Delivery using Analytics and Insights

    Delivering consistent experiences across channels

    Customer experience is not a one-time event. Ensuring superior customer experience with every interaction, across every channel requires a continuous experience framework and capability.



    • Continuous modernization of the contact center & sustenance
      • Chatbots/voice bots
      • Omnichannel CX
      • Real-time interaction analytics
      • Insights-driven QC
      • Real-time compliance Assurance
      • Agent assistance
      • PI data redact
    • Testing and training at your convenience
    • Plug-and-play intelligence
    • Contextual and guided conversations
    • Multilingual 

    Leverage the Agile approach to contact center modernization

    Continuously evolve your contact center to drive great customer experience

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