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Cloudify Applications

Modernize your monoliths as Cloud Native Apps

For most enterprises, migration to the Cloud is often seen as a business essential. By choosing to modernize legacy applications and transforming them into Cloud Native applications, you could strengthen your existing investments, while also reinforcing key business objectives.

What’s more, you could also realize several Cloud-specific benefits such as agility, flexibility, infinite elasticity, and scalability.

At Hexaware, we action this application modernization process by undertaking the following clearly outlined steps:

  • Reverse Engineering – We completely decompose the legacy monolith application and extract the core business logic – proceeding to derive the key business rules and processes. As a part of this, we also extract the integration interfaces, data flows, and workflows.
  • Architect and Design for the Cloud – The information obtained from the above step, is used to design the fundamental architecture of the new application, effectively leveraging the features of the Cloud Native.
  • Development of Microservices – The business logic is now developed as a set of microservices, powered by small, independent teams, with containerized deployment – ensuring rapid delivery of new capabilities.
  • Management on the Cloud – Finally, a complete range of management and monitoring services are provided, in order to reduce costs and deliver actionable insights on application behavior and performance on the Cloud.

Why Hexaware

At Hexaware, we help our customers realize their unique and personalized Cloud migration goals. Our capabilities cover the following components:

Components are developed specific to a customer’s technical stack, serving two purposes:

  • Indication of the skills of full-stack cloud developers – Customers can see who developed these components along with source code, code quality metrics and live demos.
  • Increased Productivity – Customers can use these components for free with full source code access (each component will save around 4-6 weeks of development).
  • Our Cloud consultants are ‘architect level’ certified on Cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, PCF, and MuleSoft.
  • They have rich, hands-on experience in Cloud native architectures, APIs, design patterns and best practices.
  • They are trained in Hexaware’s tools/accelerators.

A Program/Project dashboard collecting the metrics of DevOps processes, aligned to Agile methodologies, bundling meaningful data from the ALMs and CI/CD tools.

  • An NLP-based tool for capturing requirements and gathering feedback
  • Validates, prioritizes, and feeds into the product backlog and/or sprint backlog, improving development.



At Hexaware, we collaborate with our customers in every step of the application modernization journey and ease the path of cloud adoption. We also help our customers achieve several benefits

Move your existing systems to the most efficient state in the Cloud

Experience 30% improvement in time-to-market

Enhance availability and Scalability

Reduce risk and improved ROI

Improve software quality

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