Validation-as-a-Service for Professional Services Firms

Validation-as-a-Service for Professional Services Firms

Professional services organizations and their end customers today put in significant effort and money towards Compliance Management; this could be compliance to standards set by Tax authorities like IRS in the US or HMRC in the UK or standards set by IFRS or other regulatory bodies based on the industry/sector and jurisdiction/country/region. This process, today, is quite manual in nature, and the effort is primarily towards filling up various forms by the end customer as well as verifying these forms by Professional Services companies before submitting to regulatory bodies.

Hexaware answers this problem of Professional Services firms with Validation-as-a-Service, an intelligent automation tool for optimized validation. It is a compliance automation platform that brings down manual intervention in the process. It takes care of document and data verification as well as validation.


  • Reduction in Cost
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Increase in Productivity
  • Increase in Transparency

Download this brochure to know how Hexaware can help your firm in hassle-free compliance process.

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