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US-based Consumer Fitness Club Provider Leverages Agile DevOps for Agile Transformation and Improved Processes

Our client, a leading fitness club provider, faced problems with a low vendor performance. They lacked usable metrics, which led to redundancy of business units due to narrow technology decisions without taking into account long-term considerations. The solution included working on outcome-based engagement. The team achieved 20% improvement in total productivity for all resources and 10% reduction in production defects within 12 months. Hexaware formed an agile steering committee to standardize processes and tools and co-sourcing, distributed development across 9 work streams.

Key Benefits:

  • 60% increase in the unique member site visits and 41% YOY increase in the lead to membership conversion
  • 260% increase in the online registration member adoption.
  • Sales increase of 56% for Black Friday and 45% for Cyber Monday
  • Improvement of App star rating from 1.0 to 4.7 in 12 months

Read this case study to understand how Hexaware helped leverage Agile DevOps for Agile Transformation. Improve processes using Hexaware’s scaled Agile framework called HPE (High Performance Enterprise).

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