Unfolding Digital Transformation: A Practitioner’s View

Unfolding Digital Transformation: A Practitioner’s View

Digital transformation enables business success by driving operational efficiency and improving product leadership, thereby encouraging better customer experiences.

Hexaware has classified three broad strategies to achieve digital transformation:

  • Inside-Out Strategy - Majorly engineered for medium to large-scale organizations, transformation starts with digital optimization of internal systems and processes and moves organically towards customer experience.

  • Outside-In Strategy - For small to medium size businesses or any enterprise seeking superior end customer experience. Transformation starts with the front-end customer experience management, engagement touchpoints and subsequently changes supporting systems, technologies, and processes.

  • All-in-One-Go Strategy - For small to medium businesses or functions who are challenged with survival because of the change in market dynamics, consumer preferences and technology evolution. Change across the entire spectrum starts in one go, targeting both the external touchpoints and internal systems simultaneously.

Read the whitepaper to know how you can adopt a strategic approach to digitally transform your enterprise and meet your unique business needs.

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