Open Mic: Transforming Mobile App Based Services for the Better

Open Mic: Transforming Mobile App Based Services for the Better

With the boom of internet and smartphones our entire lives now revolve around these gadgets. Be it shopping, entertainment, professional services, news and updates, official interactions, social media or a variety of similar requirements – everything is available at our fingertips through smart gadgets and mobile applications a.k.a apps.

When App based services have become a way of life especially in the COVID 19 social restriction times, it is important to ensure that the support, mobile customer service and the mobile app user experience be given equally high priority. Sai Subramaniam, Head of CX Solutions, Hexaware technologies shares his expert insights on App based Services Support with the impact of app-based services on online services, e-services, food delivery services, supply chains, logistics, mobile customer services and providing an omni channel customer experience in the OpenMic session.

Few of the topics covered include:

  • Improving customer experience and quality of deliverables
  • Aspects to pay attention to for maximizing customer preference
  • Delivery services current and growth scenarios, logistics and more

To know how you can optimize app-based services support and utilize automation to provide superior services and derive best benefits, get access to this podcast.

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