Transforming Legacy IT Systems with API-led Integration

Transforming Legacy IT Systems with API-led Integration

MuleSoft has always been a pioneer when it comes to delivering class-leading API and integration solutions. The partnership between Hexaware and MuleSoft is strategic in more than one way not just for us, but also for our clients in their digital transformation journey. This whitepaper talks about how data processing has changed over time and the key challenges faced by organizations in managing data for enhanced customer experience. It also throws light on the complexities of integrating new generation technologies like Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence with age-old legacy systems. Further, it thoroughly discusses how API and integration solutions coupled with an omni-channel strategy can enable organizations to use the best blend of technological advancements and customer expectations while keeping IT spends well within limits. In a way, it suggests a pragmatic and cost-effective approach to legacy applications modernization.

Here are some of the key areas covered:

  • Challenges posed by increasing volume of data
  • How APIs can act as an interface between different systems
  • Business benefits of leveraging API and integration approach
  • How APIs can be the right solution for legacy applications modernization
  • Omni-channel strategy for enhanced customer experience

So, get set to explore API and integration approach in a whole new way.

Read this insightful whitepaper now and get to know how API and integration solutions are enabling legacy systems modernization without impacting business goals.

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