Transforming Cognitive Assessment Experience in Clinical Trials

Transforming Cognitive Assessment Experience in Clinical Trials

A leading neuroscience technology company wanted to automate the analysis of cognitive assessment and digitize the assessment process to enable a seamless customer journey, optimizing clinical outcomes in trials. With the traditional systems, the client couldn’t comprehend the effects of drugs on subjects' cognitive functions. The paper-pencil tests were expensive and error-prone.
The client wanted to take the assessments on a digital platform and eliminate the traditional process. Hexaware partnered with the client to build a digital platform for enhanced customer experience while taking assessments virtually and automating the analysis process of the cognitive assessment.

Our solutions led to the following benefits:

  • Participants could take the virtual self-assessments from anywhere, ensuring precise assessment of cognition, contributing to improved clinical research
  • Ability to capture high-quality data in real-time
  • Reliable data capture due to reduction in human error
  • The digital cognitive assessment process turned out to be cost-effective
  • The client could meet FDA reviewer guidance, which aims at measuring cognitive markers from an early phase of drug development, potentially accelerating the approval process
  • The seamlessness and accuracy in the process helped delivering tremendous support in making decisions regarding cognitively safe dose range

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