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Transform Guidewire InsuranceSuite Upgrade Journey With Hexaware’s Accelerator – ‘DigIT’

Transform Guidewire InsuranceSuite Upgrade Journey With Hexaware’s Accelerator – ‘DigIT’

Today, global Insurers are actively considering moving Guidewire InsuranceSuite to cloud to fully optimize its potential.

To move to cloud, InsuranceSuite must be upgraded to InsuranceSuite v10.x. The new version of the solution comes with a host of powerful new features like refreshed UI, enhanced deductible management, GDPR support, Integration views, Rest API framework and, Cloud readiness to name a few.

But there are technical and process challenges involved in the upgrade that can result in time and cost overruns.

Hexaware can accelerate the journey of upgrade to InsuranceSuite v10.x through an automation led approach with its DigIT toolkit. The business benefits include;

  • Reduced time to market by reducing the upgrade efforts by 15%-20% through automation
  • Decreased risk
  • Reduced IT and infrastructure cost

To know more about how Hexaware can accelerate your InsuranceSuite v10.x upgrade journey, download the flyer.

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