The Libor Transition: A Strategic Approach

The Libor Transition: A Strategic Approach

Financial firms are hunting for replacements to scandal-hit LIBOR, previously the world’s most preferred interest rate benchmark. LIBOR was discredited post the 2008 financial crisis when authorities found traders tampering and manipulating it. to suit their best interests.

The transition from LIBOR rates to alternative rates is expected to have a multifold impact on banks and financial institutions. Given the massive volume of products and processes that fall within the change category, LIBOR transitioning necessitates lots of efforts and risks. But replacing LIBOR, if mishandled, could trigger financial chaos and waves of lawsuits, not to mention regulatory bodies and their legal implications.

Hexaware offers a cutting-edge solution for the complex and important transition from LIBOR to alternative global benchmark rates. We possess the right set of skills, capabilities, strategies, and technologies for enabling seamless LIBOR transition. Our partners are entities that bring relevant expertise to address the LIBOR transition challenge.

This whitepaper has information about challenges and pitfalls associated with the transition and strategic planning in order to avoid them. It covers important Libor transition benchmarks like

  • Our customized Libor transition roadmap
  • How we assess the Financial, legal as well as other impacts due to outstanding contracts
  • Operational risks of transition, the challenges assessment and more

Hexaware can enable banks and financial institutions in seamless transitioning to an alternative rates regime through our effective strategies.

For assistance with Libor transitioning and to know its impacts, download this whitepaper.

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