The Cloud HCM Playbook for Successful Workday Application Management and Integration

The Cloud HCM Playbook for Successful Workday Application Management and Integration

The unmatched advantages offered by the cloud have accelerated the adoption of cloud HCM platforms across large enterprises and SMBs. The pandemic has further made it imperative to invest in cloud technologies facilitating people to work remotely with minimum disruption to productivity and employee experience.

Workday is a leading provider of cloud applications for finance and human resources and has incorporated blockchain, ML, and analytics in its products. The Workday cloud HCM platform is helping businesses to attract, retain, and develop talent, while also addressing their need to reskill people, develop new operating models, and maximize productivity from anywhere.

Making the decision about Workday HCM is probably the easier part, given the platform’s formidable reputation in helping businesses to seamlessly manage their workforce. However, selecting the right integration and maintenance partner requires a careful evaluation of several aspects. Workday HCM software is highly complex and requires deep experience and technical capability to ensure that the integration is seamless and will deliver ROI.

This playbook serves as a ready reckoner for businesses looking to evaluate a cloud HCM platform as well as selecting the right partner for integration and application management services. In this playbook, you will find:

  • Checklists to evaluate cloud HCM platforms
  • An assessment card to evaluate your organizational readiness for a cloud HCM solution
  • An assessment card to evaluate your integration and AMS partner for Workday HCM software
  • Six reasons why you should outsource your Workday HCM application management services

Why choose Hexaware as your global Workday support partner

  • Hexaware offers best practices for all your Workday applications
  • Expert assistance on Workday integration with Hexaware's Center of Excellence (CoE)
  • Flexible support models
  • Solution accelerator tools
  • Committed savings and high CSAT
  • Global analyst recognition for Hexaware

Use this playbook to evaluate your application management and integration services partner for the Workday cloud human capital management platform.

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