Test Environment Management – Principles and Best Practices

Test Environment Management – Principles and Best Practices


Importance of testing gets emphasized every time an IT project gets rolled back from production due to issues with quality. Without thorough testing, the project will definitely fail and undoubtedly have an impact on the performance of the business if the organization. Whenever there is a budget constraint in a project, the immediate impact will be on pruning the testing effort or on reduction in the funds allocated for the non-production environment (for testing). At times, the program management team doesn’t realize that the cost spent on managing these test environments (non-production environments) would contribute to yield better results in delivering a high quality application/ product in the market. Establishing the right testing environment is an essential component of an effective and efficient software testing process.

In most of the projects, the test environments are managed partially by a team of employees from development and production support team with no dedicated ownership. Due to lack of accountability, there is no clear guidance on how the environment has to be managed and that further emphasizes the need of an environment management strategy.

In this paper, we discuss about the best practices for test environment management n and the required capabilities to deliver as part of the environment management team – referred as – Deployment & Environment Services (DES). This framework will help to establish a robust process and controlled test environment management strategy with optimized resources and a lever to lower costs through reduction in time to market and early defect detection.

Read this paper to know about the best practices for Test Environment Management

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