Tech Monitor’s Technology Leaders Agenda 2021 on the Technology Priorities in the Post-pandemic World

Tech Monitor’s Technology Leaders Agenda 2021 on the Technology Priorities in the Post-pandemic World

In the last year and a half, the pandemic has reshaped the scope and importance of technology, as the adoption of technology and digital transformation has accelerated significantly. These shifts in the IT landscape have compelled technology leaders to focus on dealing with the cultural challenges in their organizations. The thought leaders in the industry are rethinking their technology priorities and directing their time and investment towards the same, based on the CEO agenda of business transformation and sustainable growth.

A research survey conducted by Tech Monitor and sponsored by Hexaware, named Technology Leaders Agenda 2021, sheds light on how the role of the technology leaders is becoming a crucial enabler of the CEO agenda. The survey report also discusses how technology thought leaders are revamping their strategies to drive business growth while keeping their workforce motivated and productive in the post-pandemic era. The survey, conducted in March and April 2021, recorded responses of 611 senior technology executives from a range of industries. The geographies covered in this survey are Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Asia Pacific (APAC), and the United States. One of the key findings of this survey is that the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is the most influential role in the new tech C-suite. The CIO survey highlights the consistent increase in the budget to support emerging trends in information technology and states that the primary goal of tech leaders is to align businesses with IT.

Some of the technology priorities of CIOs, according to the key findings of the survey, are:

  • Directing massive investment towards the ‘big three’ - data, cyber, and cloud computing -followed by AI and ML
  • Developing skills related to cybersecurity, data, and cloud
  • Keeping employees motivated, attracting and retaining talent
  • Launching and maintaining sustainability and diversity initiatives

Read the full survey report to understand how CIOs are re-arranging their priorities to prepare for the leadership challenges in the post-pandemic economy to ensure steady business growth.

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