Synthesizing Business Reporting Post Mergers and Acquisitions With Microsoft Solutions

Synthesizing Business Reporting Post Mergers and Acquisitions With Microsoft Solutions

One of our clients, ENVA Group, is a leader in the resource recovery, waste management, industrial and water management solutions operating across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Post mergers and acquisitions, the absence of a single view at the enterprise level compounded challenges in managing disparate IT estates. The CXOs were left grappling inefficiencies in terms of unnecessary IT spends on different product stacks which may be addressing the same need.

Also, since all the firms acquired by our client were operating as separate entities, they had their own Data Warehouse and reporting platform - leaving our client bleeding with exorbitant server and licensing costs.

With an aim to make our client’s Data Warehouse and BI ecosystem agile, we proposed to consolidate and re-architect the entire data landscape leveraging Microsoft’s Azure cloud. This transformation was carried out by automating the entire consolidation process for all the analytics needs using our amaze® for Data & AI platform.

Business Benefits:

  • Amaze® for Data & AI automated the entire cloud transformation and data warehouse consolidation process saving time and efforts by over 60%
  • The total cost of ownership (TCO) was reduced massively by over 50%

To learn more about how we modernized data infrastructure across business entities and automated the complex transformation process for the client post M&A, download the case study.

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