Smart Financial Analytics Solution

Smart Financial Analytics Solution

Smart Financial Analytics Solution

The Market Need:

Financial planning and data analytics often end up being resource and time consuming methods of gathering information spread across multitude of disconnected spreadsheets or systems, which are used by various teams like finance, sales and operations.

There is a dearth of integrated solutions in the market that could meet the demands of financial planning, analytics and reporting. So companies always end up using many software/tools for doing these tasks. End-users are usually non-technical and find it difficult to use multiple software and learn new technologies.. Spreadsheet reporting is widely used with OLAP warehouse cubes. Spreadsheet reports which need to be refreshed manually on a regular basis end up as time consuming and complex tasks.

The Solution:

Smart Financial Analytics Solution is an integrated solution developed by Hexaware that provides intelligent and advanced automation features for financial planning and analytics demands within a single interface. This solution makes a financial planner’s life easy and helps achieve faster results.

The Benefits:

  • Provides integrated, easy-to-use features within a single add-in based interface
  • ControlSheet automation for creating, configuring and refreshing bulk spreadsheet reports from different OLAP sources in one go
  • Only tool in market that can perform intelligent currency calculations, aggregation in planning process, automated drill through analysis and ControlSheet automation
  • Maximizes productivity of FP&A teams
  • Eliminates dependency on multiples tools for planning, analysis and reporting tasks

Download the whitepaper to under the salient features of Hexaware’s smart Financial Analytics Solution and its key applications & benefits in greater detail.

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