Scalable Cloud Based Data Warehouse Which Saves Opex

Scalable cloud based data warehouse which saves OPEX

Cloud Data Warehouse (DW) Adoption delivers increased agility and reduced operational cost by £800,000 per annum

Hexaware performed due diligence of the data environment for one of the largest stock exchange companies in Europe and migrated their 12-year-old on-premise SQL data warehouse to a highly scalable cloud DW and analytics infrastructure by implementing a stack based on EMR, Redshift, Talend and S3 of the AWS cloud platform

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced several hours of multi-part data ingestion to an automated single bulk load saving 6 hours of data loading time
  • The cloud DW was extended to deliver information and analytical insights for external clients through a self-service model
  • Migrating data onto the cloud leads to savings of about £800,000 on the infrastructure and licensing costs annually

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