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SAP Digital Transformation Journey: Know the What’s and How’s of SAP Cloud adoption

SAP Digital Transformation Journey: Know the What’s and How’s of SAP Cloud adoption


Sandeep Sailwal
Practice Head - SAP and Supply chain, Hexaware

Muralidharan Balarajan
Project Director - ERP Practice, Hexaware

There’s a lot of speculation around the adoption of the SAP Cloud. Why should businesses adopt it, What are its benefits, How easy will the migration from the traditional infrastructure be, How important it is to stay relevant to changing market conditions, etc. This webinar will give you insights into the What’s and How’s of SAP Cloud adoption and the significance in the digital transformation journey.

The webinar will help you understand how to –

  • Identify best-fit Cloud platform (Public Cloud/Hybrid Cloud/best-fit Public Cloud)
  • Follow standard practices for SAP Cloud migration including sizing, estimation and execution
  • Align the Cloud transformation towards complete application transformation for digitization

The webinar will cover-

  • Overall Cloud market and SAP customers Cloud adoption
  • Why Cloudification for SAP workloads?
  • Leveraging Hexaware’s proprietary Triadic framework for Cloud journey
  • Cloud adoption option and methodologies for SAP workloads
  • Planning and Executing Cloud transformation
  • Continuing the journey for cost optimization

Watch the webinar to embark on a well-informed SAP digital transformation journey

Watch the Webinar

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