Robust Security Automation Platform for Swift Response and Damage Mitigation

Robust Security Automation Platform for Swift Response and Damage Mitigation

Majority of organizations are following the norms of social distancing, with most of their remote workforce accessing the digital landscape through smart devices that connect via not so secure networks and VPNs. This has increased the possibility of cyber threats as organizations had little or no time to establish strong cyber security orchestration that would enable a secure remote workforce.

The sudden rise in remote working triggered by the pandemic has increased possibilities of malicious attacks. As a result of increasing usage of cloud services and cloud adoption by organizations, there is a surge in cloud-native threats too.

So, it is essential for organizations to evaluate their existing security posture against cyber threats and deploy future ready security solutions in form of a robust security automation platform. Hexaware’s SeAF (Security Automation Factory) framework is a cloud-based security automation platform that streamlines security processes and connects disparate security tools and technologies.

Gain the following advantages with the SeAF edge:

  • Swifter incident response times
  • Standardized and scalable processes
  • Unified security structure with 100% protection of investment and many more

Learn how Hexaware’s SeAF provides comprehensive security solutions while maintaining the right balance of machine-powered security automation and human intervention, in our detailed white paper

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