Rethinking Customer Experience – Episode 03: Digital Transformation

Rethinking Customer Experience – Episode 03: Digital Transformation

Get the seasoned views of an expert to add value and apply it pragmatically to achieve concrete results. Satish Saini from Hexaware takes you on a quick tour of how AI and chatbots are transforming customer experience in the third episode of the Rethinking Customer Experience series.

Over 80% consider bots and AI robotic automation to be important functions of the contact center” - Satish Saini.

Dissecting the CX goals which result in customer experience challenges, Satish helps refashion experience transformation by focusing on the levers impacting customer journeys. These dynamic insights to surpass customer experience goals include:

  • The building blocks that stabilize the CX ecosystem for a superior customer experience platform
  • Smart design thinking in customer experience to fill the gaps between customer expectations and services delivered
  • The must have capabilities in your CX stack that strengthen your CX infrastructure
  • Importance of knowing your customers, their personas, anticipating their said - unsaid needs and more

Know the smart ways in which you can interact with customers, address their emerging needs and consumption patterns to deliver personalized and exceptional customer experience. Tune in to this invigorating video.

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