Rethinking Customer Experience – Ep. 02: People and Culture

Rethinking Customer Experience – Ep. 02: People and Culture

Changing customer expectations fuel the need to optimize business processes while current market conditions keep urging organizations to look forward consistently and outperform. The enterprises that succeed in differentiating themselves are pioneers at customer service transformations and give high precedence to a customer-centric culture. 

In the second season of Rethinking Customer Experience, Satish Saini discusses how the future of customer service is all about a strategic alignment between the customer’s engagement expectations, the brand promise and the organization culture. He covers crucial contact center and customer experience insights while touching upon the need for elevating employee experience and customer experience and more like:

  • Focusing on the customer, personalization of services and the driving force behind it
  • Enhancing employee skillsets, driving employee experience and thus enhancing customer experience
  • Promoting continuous engagement through an innovative process and more

Imbibing personalized customer experience with an iterative approach to innovation and adopting a visionary mindset is what efficient workforce management is all about. Explore how best to prepare and maximize experience within budgeted costs and ensure that your business is ready to withstand the future.

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