Re-engineering Consultancy for Legacy based Flight Operations System

Re-engineering Consultancy for Legacy based Flight Operations System

The legacy flight operation suite at one of the world’s largest airlines required re-engineering due to various drawbacks associated with scalability, primitiveness of user interface, excessive costs, lack of real time data exchange and many such related limitations. With proven expertise in the field of flight operations as well as legacy modernization, Hexaware was chosen to conduct the first phase of implementation known as “Discovery Phase”.

Key objectives achieved:

  • Arrive at a feasible approach and road map for re-engineering
  • Well-planned estimate and schedule for re-engineering
  • Conduct ‘market watch’ to identify potential off-the-shelf components to reduce time-to-market
  • Identify the technical and functional gaps in existing systems and required areas of customization
  • Build vs. Buy analysis for certain specific components.

Download this case study highlighting Hexaware’s smart legacy modernization capabilities for the world’s largest airline’s flight operation suite.

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