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Re-engineered Web Applications for a Leading Provider of Human Capital & Management Consulting Services

A global HR Consultancy firm wanted to re-engineer their web applications due to open security threats, unsupported technologies, high maintenance costs and lack of scalability. They required a platform that would be scalable, would support future enhancements and new applications, would have defensive protection of a security layer to reduce the risk of online web attacks, achieve faster time to market while cutting down high maintenance costs.

Our team automated the migration from VB to VB.NET using proprietary code analyser tool – achieving quick turnover and huge effort savings. We adopted a phase-wise approach and use case driven migration model.

This solution’s primary advantages were:

  • Reduced deployment cycle time by 75%
  • Improved Code Quality Coverage by 90%
  • Achieved 3 (1 in Dev, 2 in SIT Environments) deployments per day
  • Cost savings by 40%

Download this case study to know how Hexaware can help your organization save costs and time by re-engineering apps and automating the migration journey.

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