Predict – Demand Planning powered by AI for improved forecast accuracy

Predict – Demand Planning powered by AI for improved forecast accuracy

Latest customer engagement apps help customers choose products/services, influencing their buying decisions. Retailers with traditional demand planning solutions find it difficult to incorporate impact of such customer focused initiatives. Demand adjustments are also done manually outside the system.

Hexaware offers Predict - Demand Planning, a next-generation platform that leverages enterprise big data, AI and machine learning. It gives real time results to help organizations sense, shape and serve demand, while its integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables continuous synchronization of data, allowing algorithms to be updated at the speed of business.

Predict - Demand Planning helps retail enterprises achieve more than 95% forecast accuracy, reduce planning time and achieve leaner production and holding costs. Benefits include:

  • Anticipating and reacting quickly to demand fluctuations
  • Easy variable and constraint adjustments to computations
  • Seamless integration with ERP and upstream planning systems

For more information on effective retail demand planning with Predict, download the brochure now.

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