Revitalize Employee Experience

Partnering with a Big Four Accounting Firm to Revitalize Employee Experience

Hexaware Helped One of the Big Four Accounting Firms to Enhance Employee Experience

In today’s digital world, most businesses, big or small, have made corporate social responsibility (CSR) a business practice. Rightly so, because investing in CSR not only helps develop a collective conscience to better the society but also helps companies build reputation as a responsible business, which can, in turn, lead to competitive advantage and work satisfaction.

For improving employee contribution to the CSR activities, the company needs to enhance employee experience, that also contributes to enhanced employee retention and heightened productivity.

Our client, a Big Four accounting firm actively endorses this thought. Thus, they wanted to take their employee engagement to the next level. The firm initiated a global responsibility program that intended to build on the tremendous corporate responsibility efforts that the firm’s employees around the world had already undertaken to drive sustainable, inclusive growth in the society. But the systems and processes in the past were traditional, demanding manual work, thereby making it a time-consuming process for the employees. Hexaware helped the firm create a platform that allowed employees to nominate themselves for various CSR activities on a global level and work collaboratively.

Through this engagement, the client achieved

  • 289 published initiatives across 50 different countries with 7041 current opportunities
  • 4261 applications from 2767 individual company staff members
  • Over 110K visits since launch

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