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Organizations Must Adopt Extended Reality Innovation Levers to Accelerate Growth – Webinar

Organizations Must Adopt Extended Reality Innovation Levers to Accelerate Growth – Webinar

Covid has forced global businesses to transform their operations and services to a work-from-home, workforce model overnight. Manufacturing and retail industry captive operations have taken a hard hit, with the demand plunge during the crisis times. 

Immanuel Kingsley, VP Innovations Lab, Hexaware Technologies shares his acumen on how extended reality model helps drive evolving customer preferences, affects customer experience and brings the best of customer centric services in the webinar “Accelerating Digital Transformation through Extended Reality”. He discusses the capabilities for increasing captive monetization activity using extended reality and digital innovations, addressing limited facilities management, capacity shortcomings, demand management and more. The highlights of Immanuel’s discussion relate to converting challenges into opportunities that drive actual, real-world results like:

  • How extended reality empowers virtual captive and transforms experiences
  • Tackling challenges of supply scarcity, delivery timelines, quality management, etc.
  • Driving new age technologies like hyper automations, AI/ML, cloud, 3-D printer, digital twin, block chain to name a few through transformative digital strategies and more

To know how you can make disruptions work in your favor and use technology to provide uninterrupted business continuity planning, make things smarter, efficient and immersive, do not miss out on this actionable session recording. Get it here.

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