Oracle Hcm Cloud Integrations – Webinar Recording

Oracle HCM Cloud Integrations – Webinar Recording

Oracle HCM Cloud Integrations

Over the past few years, the adoption of HR cloud applications has gained momentum.

Allthough, many organizations are still in various stages of decision making. As a result, the current application footprint still consists of many on-prem applications, while only a few are in the cloud. These applications should be able to talk to each other to exchange data. For most organizations, this means that HR data, which is the source record for employee profiles should be shared to a host of applications, that are internally hosted as well as in the cloud. Many organizations are seeking strategic direction on the roadmap and looking at options available for simplifying Oracle HCM cloud integrations.

This webinar will share key insights on:

  • Various available integration options, their advantages and usage
  • Right situations for deploying these options
  • Tips and tricks for simplifying integrations

In this webinar recording, you will listen what the award winners of Oracle HCM cloud implementation have to say. View it right away.

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