Modernizing the Order Management Process – One Order | One Industry | One Process

Modernizing the Order Management Process – One Order | One Industry | One Process

Bringing Order and Modernization to the Order Management Process is the key goal of ONE Order in in the Airline industry. As part of IATA’s digitization initiatives, One Order is aimed at having a single customer order record required for order fulfilment across the air travel cycle that can help simplify business for the airline as also enhance the end customer experience.

The digitization journey traversed over time had the order management process flow as the central pivot and hinged on achieving three milestones namely Electronic Documents (E-Ticket & Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD)) , Enhanced Distribution (New Distribution Capability (NDC))  and Enhanced Fulfillment & Accounting (ONE Order). With One Order, it is the culmination of simplifying fulfilment and finance for the Digital Airline of today.

Read this whitepaper to discover how One Order can

  • Facilitate order delivery and accounting process
  • Simplify and improve the end-to-end experience for a customer as orders will be customer-centric.
  • Leverage richer data and personalize offers to customers and enhance their experience
  • Remove dependency on ETKT & EMD and associated records/IDs
  • Define principles of ownership, management and control of order between entities (Airlines/GDS etc.)

Also get to know how Hexaware helped major airlines migrate their business processes to adopt IATA standards.

Download this whitepaper to know how ONE Order can help modernize the airline industry by digitizing processes for fulfilment, servicing, delivery and accounting related to their products and services.

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