Is Hexaware’s Amaze<sup>®</sup> a Panacea for Legacy Application Transformation?

Is Hexaware’s Amaze® a Panacea for Legacy Application Transformation?

Legacy application modernization has always been a challenge, especially when moving to the cloud. Legacy code, inter-dependencies, lack of documentation, identification and prioritization of applications that have to be migrated, need a pragmatic migration strategy for a smooth journey to the cloud. Traditional manual approaches of moving a legacy application to the cloud are inherent with risks adding to the overall climate of uncertainty around migration. This builds the case for an automation-led cloud migration solution that can walk the talk for business transformation.

Listen to Srinivasan Panchapakesan, Executive Vice President, Hexaware, share deep insights with the CIO talk network on how Hexaware’s Automation-led amaze® platform can help move legacy applications to the cloud with unprecedented speed, scale and cost savings.

Discover how amaze® leverages technology and innovation to:

  • Empower your cloud journey with automation-led application re-platforming
  • Help businesses benefit from quick ROI due to the reduced deployment time
  • Deliver value by containerization and API enablement
  • Be a catalyst for a mortgage company to migrate to the cloud within 6 weeks seamlessly
  • Achieve substantial TCO reduction and fast-tracked ROI

Listen to this podcast to discover how amaze® helps organizations achieve cost savings through automation in their cloud migration journey and deliver results in a matter of weeks.

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