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Modernize Customer Experience in FinTech using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator

Modernize Customer Experience in FinTech using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator

FinTechs have hugely influenced the inclusion of digital technology in financial services. The global outbreak of Covid-19 added fuel to the growing requirement of digital solutions in financial services and this created the need for a strong digital adoption strategy.

Hexaware’s ability to sensibly assess the requirements of clients across multiple geographies and an extensively attentive approach, makes it the perfect choice to deliver effective modernization solutions for FinTechs. Currently holding 13 Gold competencies with Microsoft, Hexaware uses Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator that comes with pre-built apps, AI and business intelligence to create personalized customer journeys.

From marketing and onboarding solutions to loyalty management, Hexaware’s wide range of offerings enable financial institutions to delight customers at every stage.

The benefits that Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator brings are:

  • Approximately 95% increase in profitability due to increased customer retention and reduced customer acquisition cost
  • Estimated 3% increase in revenue for every single point increase in NPS
  • 50% increase in leads leveraging intelligent insights in marketing communication and campaigns

Discover how Hexaware can help you streamline your processes and achieve high level of customer engagement, with this brochure.

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