Modernization of Legacy IT Service Management

Modernization of Legacy IT Service Management

A leading travel technology company wanted to transform and modernize its legacy IT Service Management Tools (ITSM) to achieve process standardization and reduce the overall cost of service management.

The business need was to move away from legacy systems that might go out of support as well as reduce the complexity of managing multiple point-to-point integrations with external customer systems and internal monitoring tools. The challenge also was to ensure a smooth transition of ~7,500 customers from old systems to the new one along with ~12,000 SLA rules and ~800 service requests.

Hexaware proposed a phased tools rationalization and process convergence program to transform the customer experience and save operational costs. The journey involved converging four complex ITSM tools with high level of customizations into a single ServiceNow instance within a period of approximately two years.

Key Business Benefits

  • Better Maintenance Release - version upgrades are quicker and less disruptive
  • Elevated customer experience
  • Increased availability and reduced downtime
  • Improved Demand Management and Governance
  • Accelerated Project, best in class deployment
  • Future Proof – CMDB auto-discovery, single source of truth!

Discover how Hexaware’s Hyper Optimized (H2O), a proprietary ITSM solution for the ServiceNow platform, helped a leading travel technology company achieve process standardization and enhance customer experience.

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