Modern AMS Delivery : Adopting a Future-proof Approach

Modern AMS Delivery : Adopting a Future-proof Approach

The long-term sustainability of any business depends largely on the smart management of its Application landscape. Most enterprises today have very complex Application landscapes which, in turn, requires high IT spending for their management and maintenance. Furthermore, the traditional levers for cost optimization, like aggressive offshoring and hiring low-skilled resources, have already been leveraged (infact, overleverages) and are therefore not making much difference any more when it comes to overall TCO reduction. Thus, it becomes inevitable to partner with a reliable service provider who can optimize these spends by innovating and transforming the application management paradigm.

The changing role of modern Application Managed Services (AMS): 

  • The modern AMS solution approach now goes much beyond just the regular support and maintenance of IT landscape  
  • It strives for business growth and enhanced customer experience along with constant availability and 100% transparency 
  • Managed services has been constantly building robust and customizable models which can reap optimum benefits out of automation and cloud adoption
  • There is a strong focus on metrics and constant monitoring 

Hexaware’s NextGen AMS is one such offering that goes much beyond the regular support and maintenance of an IT landscape. Adopting a flexible and intelligent Application Managed Services approach is extremely vital to leverage advanced tools and technologies and improvise ROI by achieving faster time to market. To realize this in a business scenario, it is necessary to understand the changing scope of AMS and the characteristics that define the abilities of a competent next generation application managed services provider. 

This whitepaper discusses how a next generation IT-managed service provider needs to refine its application managed services portfolio to meet clients’ needs strategically and make them future-ready.

Read this whitepaper to know how you can leverage future-proof modern AMS delivery to optimize total cost of ownership and achieve faster time to market.

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