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Manage Trust Deficits and Introduce Reinforcements in Professional Services with The Trust Cycle

Manage Trust Deficits and Introduce Reinforcements in Professional Services with The Trust Cycle


Arun “Rak” Ramchandran

Executive Vice President and Global Head, Hi-Tech & Professional Services

Arun Narayanan

AVP and Practice Head, Hi-Tech & Professional Services

We began the #ReImagineTrust series with introducing the Trust Cycle of Professional Services (Paper 1), and then went on to explain different elements of the Trust Cycle (Inputs-Analysis-Decisions-Actions) and their impact in the areas of tax, audit and accounting (Paper 2).

With the third and final whitepaper in the series, we take a closer look at the dynamics of Technology and Trust in the post-Covid era – and how it impacts relationships between the Stakeholders of trust.

We examine how technology advancements enable contactless auditing, comprehensive data assimilation, real-time tax reports, AI assisted decision making and remote inventory verification –thereby helping enhanced interactions and efficiencies between Customers, Partners, Employees, Regulators, Consultants, and Third-Parties.

The white paper helps you understand:

  • The ways that trust affects different business functions and stakeholders
  • The inherent deficits existing in the different steps in any decision-making process
  • Emerging technologies and how to introduce reinforcements in all relevant Stakeholders of the professional services value chain

We believe that the right consulting, appropriate fitment, and accurate implementation of relevant technologies will play a significant role in reducing risk and establishing trust in Professional Services firms.

Learn more about how Trust in Professional Services is built, managed and fully regained with the infusion of Technology – applied to the core – and enhanced from the inside out, for all associated Stakeholders. Download the whitepaper now.

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