Making way for IT Operation Transformation with AI Ops

Making way for IT Operation Transformation with AI Ops

Enterprises are striving tirelessly to speed-up time-to-market, but are traditional IT operations capable of handling this massive shift? This change in scenario requires deployment of codes consistently and enabling this by maintaining minimal downtime can be complicated. Hence, upgrading IT capabilities by adopting artificial intelligence for IT operations is essential for organizations.

Hexaware’s ‘Automation-First’ mindset helps organizations accelerate their way into the digital arena by successfully and seamlessly enabling transition from traditional IT Ops to automated AI Ops. Our outcome-based model has assisted organizations across verticals to significantly reduce their provisioning time to a single day, improve their security compliance and lower MTTD by 50%.

Artificial intelligence for IT operations delivers improved business outcomes, like:

  • Enhanced business agility
  • Uninterrupted business continuity
  • Optimized support cost

However, there still can be questions that an organization would and should ask while selecting an IT operation transformation partner.

To discuss the same, Siddharth Dhar, Executive Vice President and Global Head for Infrastructure Management Services at Hexaware, shares his thoughts on transforming IT solutions, exclusively with CIO Talk Network.

How can organizations equip themselves with an outcome-based IT operations model that optimizes delivery efficiency? Get your answers with our podcast.

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