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Lloyd Sarrel, COO – CoreSource, A Trustmark Company, talks about CoreSource’s 15 years of strategic partnership with Hexaware

Lloyd Sarrel is the COO at CoreSource, A Trustmark Company, one of the largest independent 3rd party administrators of self-funded clients, has been in the business for over 40 years, 500 clients, administering benefits for 1.1 million members.

In this video, Lloyd speaks about what he considers Hexaware’s position as more than a trusted partner. Hexaware employees across locations and especially in India have become an extension of CoreSource’s workforce, adding further bandwidth to CoreSource’s work which is seasonal in nature due to their client base. CoreSource’s relationship with Hexaware is now a full-fledged enterprise wide arrangement.

Key value adds from team Hexaware:

  • Responsible for 10-15 % of CoreSource’s total output
  • Processing end-to-end medical and dental claims
  • Exceeding quality expectations
  • Bringing change through Robotic Process Automation

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