Leveraging Blockchain across Supply Chain

Leveraging Blockchain across Supply Chain

Today’s supply chain has become very complicated, with lot of effort involved at each stage of the process - right from raw material (mining / farming / production / assembly) to the final consumption / disposal stage. Given this complexity, there is lack of visibility which often leads to inefficiencies, wastages, delays, and sometimes even exploitation, creating an unsustainable business environment. Many of these issues can be solved by blockchain technology, which creates and stores an immutable transaction or a registry tag, that moves with product across the supply chain.

This whitepaper can help organizations and their customers:

  • Create visibility among the upstream/downstream players and understand the product journey across the supply chain

  • Track the delivery schedule and authenticate the product

  • Identify the path of raw material flows and schedule operations accordingly, hence reducing wastage, and improving operational efficiency

Download this case study to know how Hexaware can help your organization transform digitally while saving cost and time.

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