A Leading University Advances their Multi-environment Online Learning System

A Leading University Advances their Multi-environment Online Learning System

About the client

The client is one of Australia's leading teaching, training and research universities with approximately 20,000 higher education students. The client has a well-earned reputation and is recognized as an innovator in flexible online education.

The Business Need

The client deemed the below characteristics to be vital to their Online Learning System and our engagement:

  • Consistent, stable and high-quality online learning system
  • Faster release cycles to accommodate frequent changes
  • Reduce cost involved in setup and maintenance of cross-browser test lab
  • Reduce the testing cycle time of cross-browser compatibility

The Value-Adds

Few of the salient business outcomes through this partnership were:

  • Reduced test cycle time with automated execution of 375 OS-Browser combinations per day
  • Enabled 30% reduction in test design effort with exhaustive set of libraries for Java and C#
  • Test execution productivity improvement from 20 to 375 per day with automated regression suite
  • Single automation suite to cater different environments

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