IT Transformation Engagement for a Leading Secondary Mortgage Provider

IT Transformation Engagement for a Leading Secondary Mortgage Provider

A leading Secondary Mortgage Provider faced challenges such as:

  • Inflexible and slow marketing of risk sharing products due to time and budget constraints
  • Risk in taking business decisions due to unavailability of real-time data
  • Unavailability of common securitization platform to support multiple strategic initiatives and solutions
  • Risk due to weak standards set across mortgage industry that led to subprime mortgage crises
  • IT ecosystem not in alignment with business strategies

Learn how these challenges were overcome by Hexaware’s expert team with niche skillsets by in-house developed accelerators that improved efficiencies through automation that created the following benefits:

  • Delivered competencies to support various requirements in BI & A, Java & Testing
  • Provided tailored support with overall ownership to deliver programs with high quality results
  • Implemented agile framework using CI & CD tools
  • Implemented Acceptance Test Driven Developments

To learn more about how IT Transformation Engagement uses in-house developed accelerators to improve efficiencies through automation and prove beneficial to a mortgage provider, download this case study.

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