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An intelligent automated platform for hassle free compliance process application at a Big Four accounting firm

Read this case study to know how Hexaware partnered with a Big Four Accounting firm to fully automate their compliance process. The client used to spend approximately 300 hours of manual effort per customer in filling Form 990.

We introduced our new offering, Validation-as-a-Service (VaaS), an intelligent automation tool for optimized validation. This is a compliance automation platform to minimize manual intervention in the process and it takes care of document and data verification along with validation.

After implementing VaaS, the following benefits were achieved:

  • 60% reduction in Tax verification
  • 60% reduction in costs
  • 30% reduction in data collection
  • Significant accuracy improvements in form filling
  • Only 1/4th of the initial tax professionals’ manual efforts are now needed for compliance processing
  • ZERO Infrastructure cost to maintain servers
  • Easy integration with client applications
  • Scalable to meet surged demand during tax season

Download this case study to learn more on how to avoid manual interventions in tax, audits and accounting compliance processes for quicker outputs and error-free results.

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