Blockchain-Enabled Product Stewardship

IDC Whitepaper on "Know Your Product: Blockchain-Enabled Product Stewardship"

Blockchain technology holds the promise of significantly transforming industry value chains, and this has created genuine interest in investing in early use cases. In manufacturing and retail, the use case that is generating the greatest amount of attention is eliminating counterfeiting and improving product quality. This is justified as counterfeit products represent over $1 trillion lost revenue for industry and product quality are tied to huge losses including remediation, regulatory penalties, and brand damage.

This whitepaper looks at the ‘Know Your Product’ (KYP) category and provides:

  • Key elements of a financial justification including framework for identifying benefits

  • Key participants and how to bring them all together

  • Recommendations for a successful blockchain implementation

Build a business case for your Blockchain implementation by reading this free IDC whitepaper.

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